Service-learning is an integral part of The Conversation Tree program for Rutgers students.

IMG_0156Students will engage in service learning throughout the course. They will be required to do 20 hours of service at their site of placement throughout the 8 weeks that the Conversation Cafés take place. Students serve as Conversation Facilitators at each of their sites. The Community-Based Language Learning (CBLL) course offers students an opportunity to engage in learning about adult language participation and acquisition through readings and discussion. This allows for the course instructor to model specific strategies, as well as support students as they are learning to be Conversation Facilitators.


Returning students are prepared to take on a leadership role by practicing with support at the Friday New Brunswick Free Public Library Conversation Café and then serving as a Team Leader at one of our Conversation Cafés within the New Brunswick community. Team Leaders are responsible for session planning, taking attendance, facilitating whole group activities and providing support to new Conversation Facilitators. They are supported by the Program Coordinator and the instructors of the CBLL and CBLL Leadership course.

Interns join The Conversation Tree through the Graduate School of Education’s Language Education program and serve as Conversation Facilitators and support the development of conversation activities.

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